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Wonder Woman is Coming

O my god! Wonder woman is coming to the silver screen, but that in her own movie. That is awesome and that would be great for all the comic book lovers like me. It’s awesome I can now take my girlfriend to here, without hearing her complain and not in the mood for yet another superhero movie. This movie will kick ass and because Gal Gadot is in[…]

Guardians of the Galaxy

GofG was most probably the best Marvel movie ever made, followed closely by WS (Winter Soldier) from the Captain America movie. Part one of Cap Am was utterly crap, which was very weird for me that part two was actually awesome.

They are no longer just those dumb popcorn movies, seen one seen them all. But they really have sense and depth to it, it’s awesome.

But back to the galaxy. That movie has so much power and love in it, that it’s considered to me as a non-Marvel movie. It’s completely different and I am so scared they will add to much elements linking it back to the MCU that they will[…]


Holy damn, have you seen the new Batman v Superman? Not the cinema one!!! The one on Blue Ray?The cinema version unfortunately was cut by Warner Bros. them selves, unlike the BR version.

That one is easily 30 minutes longer, but the content added is from such a value that the film is really a totally different experience. Whereas the first one just pleased me to see batman, the new one really brought depth to it. It’s amazing.

The way Batman is portrayed shocked quite a few, but actually it’s awesome. He has been through so much, he lost so many people he cared[…]


Yeah! The time has arrived that I no longer work from the attic but have been send to another country to live as a professional artist. I’m actually an expat now, never thought myself saying that but it’s great. It was a fun ride so far and I am very blessed I got this opportunity from others. The preparations were brutal but fun. It made me think I made the right step. I search many hours for a great international health insurance and went through many providers. But this is the kind of job that makes you want to do some[…]

Number 52

Some awesome new 52’s are coming out. But also some bad ones.

You guys probably read the news that the new 52 of Captain America showed him to be the actual bad guy. Which makes no sense at all.

Even the actor playing him in the Marvel movies, you know who I’m talking about, says it was utterly nonsense. Which I agree to! Heck yes.

52 is often a magic number. It’s the number that the new series come out for the new comics. It’s a crazy time as they will change a[…]

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